Chairman of the Board

Cengiz Solakoğlu has been a member of our Board of Directors since 2011. He has also been an independent board member of Bizim Toptan Satış Mağazaları A.Ş. ("Bizim Toptan"), a Yıldız Holding company in the wholesale business, since 2011. Prior to joining Bizim Toptan, Mr. Solakoğlu served at Beko Ticaret A.Ş. as sales representative, then general manager, and worked as the general manager of Atılım A.Ş. (part of the Koç Group) for 8 years. He served as the vice president and general manager of Koç Holding Consumption Group. Mr. Solakoğlu is a cofounder of 1907 Fenerbahçeliler Derneği and Eğitim Gönüllüleri Vakfı. He was awarded Leader of Civil Society by Ekonomist magazine in 2003. Mr. Solakoğlu graduated from Istanbul Economic Trade Sciences Academy (now Marmara University).


Vice Chairman of The Board

Ali Ülker was born in 1969 and educated in the Business Administration Department of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. He has also attended various programs at IMD and Harvard. He worked in the Internal Kaizen Projects at De Boccard & Yorke Consultancy (1992) and on IESC Sales System Development and Internal Organization Projects (1997). Mr Ülker joined the group in 1985 as an intern in the quality control department of Ülker Gıda. From 1986 to 1998 he worked at chocolate production facilities and at Atlas Gıda Pazarlama in positions including sales manager, sales coordinator, product group coordinator, and product group director. In 1998 Mr Ülker became general director of Atlas Gıda Pazarlama, and in 2001 became the general director of Merkez Gıda Pazarlama. In 2002, he rose to vice chairman of the food group and in 2005 chairman of the group. Working as vice chairman of the Yıldız Holding Board of Directors since 2011, Ali Ülker is also the chairman of the Global Innovation Group and Quality Group and acts as Chief Synergies Officer. Ali Ülker is married with three children. He enjoys fishing, cinema and literature, as well as playing basketball and billiards.


Board Member

Murat Ülker was born in 1959. He graduated from the Management Department of the School of Administrative Sciences at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. Mr Ülker studied sector-specific subjects at international schools such as the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft (ZDS), serving an internship at American company Continental Baking. In three years he visited nearly 60 biscuit, chocolate and food factories in the United States and Europe. He also worked on various projects for the International Executive Service Corps (IESC). Mr Ülker joined Yıldız Holding in 1984 as a control coordinator. Over the following years he assumed the roles of assistant general manager, and then general director. As a member of the executive committee and a board member of various companies in the group, he led a series of cornerstone investments. In 2000 Mr Ülker became chairman of the executive committee, serving as chairman for eight years. In 2008 he became chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr Ülker is known for his interest in modern art and Islamic calligraphy. He enjoys sailing and travelling with his wife and three children.


Board Member

Born in 1958, he received his master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has attended several training courses in many different areas throughout his professional career. In 1987, he took a training course in Business Management for 6 months in Italy on an IRI Scholarship. He has attended a training course in Strategic Marketing at Harvard Business School and IMD Switzerland. Also, he completed the Insead program in Singapore.

Between 1983 and 1987 he worked at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and from 1987 to 1996, he held various positions in Best Rothmans Entegre Sigara ve Tütün Sanayi A.Ş, such as General Manager.

In 1996, Mehmet Tütüncü joined Ülker Gıda A.Ş. and served as a business coordinator until 1998. Following, he worked as General Manager and Vice President of the Ülker Group. In May 2005, he was appointed as Yıldız Holding A.Ş.’s Food Group President. In 2011 he was appointed as the Food-Ülker Group President and in 2014, he had additional responsibility as International Food-Ülker Group President.

In 2016, he was appointed as pladis Region CEO, Turkey, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. He continues to serve as Deputy to the pladis CEO (responsible for TR, ME, NA, CA, SA, LATAM) and Executive Corporate Officer (Information Systems & Business Transformation) with additional responsibilities he took in 2017. In 2018, he was appointed as Vice Chairman and CEO of Yıldız Holding. Additionally, he serves as a Board Member and Chairman of the Board at several companies. He is also the Board Member of FoodDrinkEurope & President of the Liaison Committee of FoodDrinkEurope.


Board Member

Erman Kalkandelen has been a member of our Board of Directors since 2011. He has also been a country manager for Franklin Templeton Investments, responsible for research of companies in Turkey, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He is a member of the board of Defacto Perakende Ticaret A.Ş. and of Gözde Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş. ("Gözde"). Mr. Kalkandelen has an MBA degree from Sabancı University and has studied strategic management at Florida University, Warrington School of Business Management, and he has finished the business economy program at Ankara University, Political Science Faculty.


Independent Board Member

Graduated from Izmir Bornova Anadolu High School in 1983. Graduated from the faculty of Administrative Sciences at Bogazici University in 1988 with a degree in Public Administration. After completing the Management Trainee programme at Emlak Bank in 1989, worked in the department of investment credit evaluation. Later, assumed the position of Financing Assistant Manager at Vakıf Financial Leasing Inc. and carried out her mission for the next 3 years. Since 1995 she is working at ARGE Consulting and currently she is carrying out her mission as a managing partner in ARGE Consulting and is taking part in various projects. Under the roof of ARGE, she has conducted management consulting projects for more than 100 different organizations in different sectors in the areas of strategic evaluation, performance enhancement, institutionalization, corporate organization & HR. She is actively providing long term consulting services for leading companies of the retail and food sectors in international retail, production, international sales and marketing. Her services for these companies are focused on areas such as governance, strategy, organization and performance management. She has experiences in Human Resources Management, Organizational Structure & Operations, Institutionalization, Corporate Governance, Total Quality Management areas. She has been Management Board - Vice President at Argüden Governance Academy, Management Board - Vice President at Özel Sektör Gönüllüleri Derneği (Private Sector Volunteers Association), Collaboration Committee Member qt Yönetim Kurulunda Kadın Derneği (Women In Management Boards association) , Social Gender Equality Workgroup Member at Tüsiad (Turkısh Busıness Person Association), Workgroup Member at Wep’s (Women Empowerment Principles – Un Women). She has been selected for the First Class Of “More Women In Management Boards” Programme wıth 40 other women managers and has completed the training that aims to prepare the participants for taking active role in management boards as Independent Members. She has made intellectual contributions to the following: Kurumsal Yönetişim Modeli (Corporate Governance Model) – Arge Publications 2007 , Gönüllü Kuruluşların Yönetimi (Management Of Volunteering Organizations) – Arge Publications 2006 , Değişim Yönetimi (Management Of Change) – Arge Publications 2004.


Independent Board Memeber

Aytaç Saniye Mutlugüller after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Boğaziçi University , joined Türkiye Şişe ve Cam Fabrikaları A.Ş. (T.Ş.C.F) and several roles and positions in finance department of the company where T.S.C.F a global glass congolomarate with a turnover exceeding 3 billion USD operating in 13 countries. The Group had adopted centralized financial management system and this enabled to observe different financial needs,risks and experience opportunities solutions in different geografies especially in emerging markets. She actively took role in maintaining the financial strategy of expansion program of the Group both in domestic market and abroad. Financial management at Group level also empowered her to act as Pioneer at important financial products.
She represented the Group in several conferences and also run the Group’s investor relations for five listed companies in İstanbul Stock Exchange. During her employment she took role as Board Member in the Group companies mostly operating outside of Turkey. She has indept experience for Investment Companies(operating in Holland) Russia and İndia. After her retirement, she was in te Board as member in HNG Float Glass Ltd( India), Şişecam Çevre Sistemleri A.Ş.(with partnership of EBRD), Anadolu Cam Yenişehir San.A.Ş.,Trakya Polatlı Cam San.A.Ş. and acted as consultant to CEO of T.S.C.F. on financial issues. Currently she holds the Board Membership of HNG Float India.

Ahmet BAL

Independent Board Member

Ahmet Bal was born in Tokat in 1957. In 1981, he graduated from the Department of Economics and Finance of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University and entered the Board of Accountants of the Ministry of Finance. He received the title of Chief Accountant and Certified Public Accountant in 1991. Mr. Bal received his MBA degree in Business Administration from Nottingham University in England in 1992. He started to work as an Assistant Financial Affairs Coordinator in Anadolu Endüstri Holding in 1994. He carried his duties as Finance Director in Efes Sinai Yatırım Ticaret A.Ş. between 1995 and 1998 and as General Manager between 1998-1999. He served as the Financial Affairs Coordinator for the Automotive, Finance and Stationery companies in Anadolu Endüstri Holding's Financial Affairs Department between 1999-2006. He worked as the Audit Coordinator responsible for all Group companies Anadolu Endüstri Holding between 2006-2012. From 2013 to 2018, he served as the Audit President responsible for the audit of all Anadolu Group companies. Ahmet Bal is married and has two children.


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